Colinex Colistimethate Sodium 4.5 MIU


Colistimethate Sodium 4.5 MIU

In MDR Gram -ve Bacteria, Presenting the fractionated dosage which gives the benefit of time & Concentration based pharmacokinetics.

  • 9MIU Colistin with 4.5 MIU maintenance dose gives advantage of concentration dependent as well as time dependent killing.
  • Achieves steady state concentration faster.
  • Loading dose of 9 MIU followed by 4.5 MIU BD demonstrate 82% clinical cure rate.
  • Lower exposure of Colistin within 24 Hours reduces chances of Nephrotoxicity.
  • Nephrotoxicity is mostly mild & reversible. Serum creatinine level returned to normal after discontinuation of therapy.
  • Less frequency of administration also reduces chances of iatrogenic infections.